Cancers can be prevented by not smoking, eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, eating less meat and refined carbohydrates, maintaining a ...
  1. Basil (Tulsi )
  2. curd (yogurt)
  3. Turmeric ( haldi powder)
  4. carrot juice.
  1. Take 1 and half tea spoon of Basil leaves juice, mix it in to the 200grm of curd and eat it empty stomach 30 mins before breakfast.
  2. Then 30 mins after lunch and dinner take 3/4 tea spoon of Turmeric Powder ( haldi powder) and every day consume at least 2 Liters of carrot juice in place of water this you have to do it for 30 days the way we said. and see the result
  1. You can drink water also but complete 2 ltr of carrot juice daily in regular intervals
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